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There are 3 fantastic ways for you buy my books

1) Buy a copy from a local independent bookseller

Currently my books are available at:

2) Use PayPal to order a signed copy directly from me.

PayPal Accepts All Major Credit Cards. This is the fastest way to order if you don’t live nearby. I will ship anywhere in the US.**

  • Murdering Oscar Wilde (2013 – A ‘Nosy Rosy’ Cozy Murder Mystery)

$9.95 + $3.00 postage

  • Ritual River (2006 – a Family Saga)

$12.95* +  $3.00 postage

(*this is a $2 discount to the cover price)

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3) Mail & Bulk Orders (for non-credit card orders, book clubs, reading groups & schools)

Postage for each individual book is only $3.00. But if you buy 2 books you pay only $4.00 postage; for 3 books – $5.00; for 4 books – $6.00.  And for more than 5 -10 books, shipping is FREE plus you get a huge thank you from me!

How this works

Download this printable mail order form below, fill it out and send it to me along with a valid check for price of the book(s) plus the appropriate postage.  I will ship the book(s) out to you within 48 hours once I receive your check and order form> Mail-Bulk Book Order Form

** NOTE: Please email me for any orders out of country.