What! Killers & Bad Acting Too?


MOW FRONT Cover Have you ever wondered what goes on in the tight-knit world of community theater?

Especially in a small, Southern town already overflowing with plenty of eccentric characters?

Are the actors really Hollywood hopefuls looking for their “big break” or just hometown prima donnas, wanting to become “slightly famous” as local celebs?

Rosalie (Rosy) Potter is the overly-dynamic founder and director of “The Pitchkettle Players” located in the small town of Marbury, nestled in the Appalachian mountains between North Carolina and Tennessee.

Normally Rosy is more worried about people murdering their roles than she is about anyone murdering someone she knows, until her leading man, Hollywood heart-throb Tyler Ridge, is arrested for killing his father!

But the show must go on – so Rosy sets out to find the real killer to in order to free Tyler (and save her opening night show) all the while dealing with a put-upon husband, a rebellious teenage daughter, along with a crazy cast of actors and the other associated “nutz” that live in her small town community.

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