It’s Almost Here – My First ‘Nosy Rosy’ Novel

Murdering Oscar Wilde

Murdering Oscar Wilde


As some of you might know, due to personal issues I have not come out with a book in a bit. But now I am proud to announce that I in the final stages of releasing my new novel – “Murdering Oscar Wilde”.

As a “Cozy mystery”, this book is a completely new departure in writing for me. But I discovered that writing it was both fun and therapeutic. Yet, isn’t that what all cozies are all about?

This wonderful, yet often overlooked mystery genre takes you away from yourself, away from your troubles and from all the stress and bother in your life.

Often cozies grab you up and sweep you away to some small picturesque town, full of fun and eccentric characters, ready to lift your spirits and delight your day.

And I feel that my new novel’s lead character Rosalie (Rosy) Potter strides down in the same pathways laid out by Agatha Christie but with the modern flair of the television series, “Murder She Wrote” – if Angela Lansbury’s character Jessica Fletcher had been wearing 6 inch heels and dealing with a rebellious teenage daughter!

To learn more about Rosy and her world, click here > “Murdering Oscar Wilde”



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